It's All about Who we are as a Community and the Trajectory we're on Individually!

This is where WE profile YOU.  This community page is where we begin to see who we are as a community of women.  Please spend a moment to see who we are so far.  Profiles added as we grow!

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Tara Kanerva - NLP Master Coach, Transformation Guide & Trainer

I am your touchstone, your go-to, your friend (Awe). I am here for you. That is literally my job. And my calling, I think. I am a learner, a thinker of thoughts, an avid observer of people's emotions and states, while actually seeing very little at all, I feel you. I know you. 


I have created this space because I know we are all SO MUCH the same and yet, so totally, beautifully unique. And so we can share our shit and run our ideas and put pencil to paper and make promises to ourselves and find accountability or support of inspiration - whatever you need!

I will keep this going for us so that we can be the change we want to see in our own lives.  Big, tiny, atomic changes that will course correct the trajectory we want to set ourselves on!

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Lee Philbrook - NLP Master Coach, Reiki Master & Connector

In my line of work, I ignite the light in women to let their inner self shine. My passion and purpose is to guide and support women from a place of overthinking, feeling frustrated, overwhelm and stuck to a path that brings joy, purpose and beautiful awareness.  And I believe as a community when we show up with our inner gifts, talents and superpowers activated… Everything is possible!! Together we can move mountains, enjoy and laugh along the way. 

Myself, I thrive on creating awesome collaborations and I am known as a weaver of magical connections.  I am a life-long learner, endlessly curious and have a deep love for adventure, creativity and play.  In my coaching and in my personal life, I am known to come from the heart, am authentic and passionate.  


I am excited for the possibilities that can be generated within this community, to support, transform and create a beautiful playground to keep ourselves accountable to take action toward the type of people we wish to be!

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Lisa English - Teacher, Youth Mentor & Community Builder

I'm excited to be a part of this community. I love to learn and exchange stories with others. I am currently a high-school math teacher and youth mentor. With a background in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, mindfulness practices, fitness, and kinesiology, I teach young individuals how to live a life that balances mind, body and spirit.


I have a passion for entrepreneurship and creating communities. In the past, I have operated my own soccer franchise. Currently, I am the co-creator and co-host of the LeeLa Show. It runs live online once a month on Wednesdays at 7:30PM EST. Through storytelling with special guests, our mission is to transform conversations and practices into actions that make a difference. Check us out at


You can also find me seeking new adventures, traveling, playing sports, hiking through nature, catching sunsets, and dancing her way through life.


My intentions for this year are to enjoy the ride, to continue to follow my heart, trust the process, and to love and embrace every little part of me (including my grey hair).


Lisa Kelly - Energy Healer, NLP Coach, Spiritual Light & Leader

I am here to help women who feel stuck and unfulfilled heal old programs and energy blocks so they can step into their Divine Feminine Power and live the life they were meant to live ~ Unapologetically themselves!


As a leader of a Facebook community of over 18.5K women, I do believe together we are better. As women, we are here to shine our light and guide others out of darkness. When we come from the heart, miracles happen.


Over my 50 years on planet earth, I have learned that when life gives you situations that push you to the edge, they are there to help you grow. The only way to expand is through our struggles. This is our opportunity to shine in the face of adversity. I had 2 choices when I went through pain, I could either run and hide or reach down deep, heal my fears, and remember who I AM! I'm grateful I chose the latter.


I have some BIG intentions for this year so I'm excited to be part of this new community to learn and grow, to share my fears, my struggles and my successes with. It's go time ladies and there is no time like the present!

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Sue Nash - Mind Body Health Expert, Teacher and Life-long Learner.

I've decided that 2022 is going to be a deeper exploration of "Who am I". We think we know who we are but do we really know. I spent 2021 studying 250 hours of Yoga. It was a busy year for me and I got s.....t done. All my books have sticky notes and page markers to come back to for further investigation. This year, I'm opening a different door and stepping into a different view of my life - I'll call it the Yoga door.

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Danielle - Healing Coordinator 

Danielle is working with us at Inspired Outcomes.  She is helping women and men navigate the many hurdles associated with trauma and the aftermath of trauma. 

Recently healed from PTSD and finally working a full-time job that I love after a few years on disability. I'm here to support the continued work I do to heal and improve my experience of life.

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Heather - Fierce Leader
at home and work

Heather is a member of this community and represents the moms who are always balancing the needs of home and kids and life against the needs of a thriving work life and a team who depends on her. 

More to come!


Jessica - Dating Coach, Natural Health Advocate

Jessica is a warrior for standing up for what you believe and what your core values lead you toward.  She has recently created a dating academy where she helps women who are looking for a partner, stay motivated and positive and enjoy the process of searching for love - even in the unexpected and often difficult minefield of online dating.

Jessica has a PHD in vulnerability and has an uncompromised truth that she shares with others in hopes of creating a more compassionate world.

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Tonia - Coach, Doctor, Guide, Creative.

Tonia is joining our community and I can't wait for her to share some of her thoughts and ideas with us here!

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Janine - Musician, Producer, Composer, , Creative, Podcaster

Janine is a musician first and foremost, a mother and creative partner in many, many projects involving sound, art, message and performance.  She is also my sister.  

Bio - once I urge her - coming soon. :)

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Johanna - Teacher, Mother and Courageous Warrior

One of my oldest, closest friends in the world - bio coming soon!


All the rest of you!  Send me your photo and profile brief! :)

Larisa,Nancy, Jess, Deb, Jennifer, Natalie and more!

Bios coming.  Check back regularly!