Hello Fellow 2022 Explorers!

New Year, Unbound Life, Growing Heart, Strong Body, Expanding Mind….

First, a big thank you to that dastardly fuckery that was 2021!

And now, as our journey into 2022 begins, we come together. We’re all nascent 2022 navigators. None of us are any more familiar with it than anyone else. No head starts, no advantages. We’re all starting at the same starting line in regards to time, staring down the centre of the 2022 lane.

Here’s the first thing I want to share. I heard, on the last day of 2021, the most profound and wonderful truth: It’s not the goal you want to focus on, not on the results, but the TRAJECTORY you’re on!


Not the goal. Not the results. Not the count. Not the score. Not the fucking station you’re at, but the reason you’re there and the direction you’re headed.

I feel like maybe I’ve heard this before. Even thought this and probably taught this before. But I’m absolutely 100% sure I’ve never sat with this before, and let it sink in. It’s not the goal that matters, you fool, not the results you can measure today, it’s the trajectory you’re headed based on your habits, your systems, your repeated actions and the intention of your thoughts and choices.

I feel like everything will be ok, when I remember this. Because it literally can’t not be ok in the end, when you choose to live like this.

Goals are fine. They help shape intention I suppose. But they are finite. They are short-lived. And goals are rarely unique. Goals don’t set the stage of success, how could they? When each competitor shares the same goal: To win. It clearly isn’t the goal that makes the difference, it’s the systems put in place and the habits followed to reach that goal that make the difference. Every time.

Hard work is never wasted. If it doesn’t create the result you wished for immediately, there’s no need to despair! Instead, know it is being stored. Hard work, practice, focus, intention, it all gets stored. Never wasted. Read that again.

And when it comes forth and acts toward the accomplishment of your goal, you’ll know it. And then you’ll feel the greatness of having lived for living’s sake instead of living for the sake of what you get from reaching goals in exchange for life. That’s garbage.

For my fellow Brene Brown fans out there, we all should know by now that it is true that if you’re having trouble changing your habits, the problem isn’t you. The problem is your system, because we don’t rise to level of our goals, but we fall the level of our systems.

So 2022 for me is not going to include goals, but instead a re-evaluation of each of my systems; The atomic level changes I can make every day to create a life of joy.

I’m inviting you to join me. If you want to change your life, change your habits with me. 1% better every week, over a year is SO MUCH BETTER than you could ever imagine. That’s the goal. 1% better in all areas: bravery, courage, patience, self-confidence, self-care, resilience, discipline, happiness, knowledge and purpose.

Read Atomic Habits by James Clear this month. Join me online and we will share in our positive change.

The intention of creating a group is to have a place to log our tiny systemic life changes as we make them and live them this year. Each one contributing to a better life in it’s own tiny, enormously powerfully, itsy bitsy way.

Habits like eating a few seeds every day to stimulate the digestive system. Habits like smiling at yourself in the mirror each morning for just a few seconds. Changing the system to start with a glass of water each morning before your coffee. Or writing a letter of gratitude to someone in your life on the first Sunday of each month. Put $10 a week into a jar that you keep all year and buy yourself something wonderful that brings joy to your heart at the end of the year. Donate some time or clothes or money to a cause in your town on your birthday. Whatever the hell you want to do! But why not note your little changes, and have a group of like-minded people to share your observations and experiences with.

I may even do a webinar or two, or put together an occasional live session to deepen the experience. I’m going to let this flow organically. I have some skills, some wisdom to share and the ability to lead this in a positive way, but most of all, I want to talk and share and hear from others all year long about how we can act in these small ways to change our lives in big ways.

I see you 2022, and I know you’re holding in your beautiful essential way, all the possibilities and beautiful miracles we dare to imagine for ourselves, our loves and our world. I’m coming for you.




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