On your mark, get set, GO! …BUT…for goodness sake, slowly. Careful little baby steps.

Updated: Jan 9

We are aiming for actual success after all, not just a win.

So here we are. Welcome! And thank you for being the type of person who reads an email, such as the one I sent a week ago, and feels a burst of energy to respond and say "I'm In! Sign me Up!" I am grateful.

This time I won't swear so much. :) The moment has passed.

So this is my FIRST letter to you. The first of many. As my own personal first baby step is just to write every week. I haven’t even chosen if I will always write to you, or sometimes just to me. or to my clients or the vast wide world – as found on the inter-webs. 😊 Nevertheless, once a week, I will write.

Kicking this whole thing off. I want to be kind of writer. Therefore, I need to do the things that the type of people who are writers do, and without even doing any research, I have come to the conclusion that writer types, probably write. Probably with some consistency. At least once a week. So that’s my first systemic change. For those of you who are already reading Atomic Habits, my stacked habit is that Sunday mornings after my run, I am going to immediately come in the door, brew my coffee and sit down and write. No. Matter. What. I'm thrilled.

In the meantime here are some snapshots of what I have going on for us all. I am putting together a sweet little Wix Site that we are going to use together. As I stated before, this is just a group for us to share the changes we want to make, are making and have made to improve the sights and sounds and feelings of your life.

I will have it up and going in the next few weeks and you need simply to watch for a request in your mailbox to join. This is all 100% free, no product or service will be sold, but stories will hopefully be inspiringly told, support offered, comparisons and suggestions and questions and galore will fill the site. I haven't got all the details organized yet, but it will include a profile with as much or as little as you want to put out there. It will have personal blogs we can all drop in and read, as well as a community page and my own stuff, including great atomic habits resources and Brene Brown workshoping tools, to name just a few.

I think we will also have an on-going book suggestions page and a place for meaning passages and quotes and video links and articles.

Occasionally there may be an event announced. Casual. Cool. You can invite friends to join if you have any who want a community of women to safely explore their evolving habits with.

Again, I thank you so much for responding. I admit I sent it out pretty spontaneously and prayed just one or two of you might find it worthwhile right now in your life. I think we have about a dozen or more who are going to join right away!

And so, I will sign off and send you something again next week as I continue to put this all together! Keep reading atomic habits and if you get a chance, Atlas of the Heart is warming my own heart these days. :)

Gratitude for you. Love to you. And Faith and Vulnerability and Hope and Joy because of you!

xo Tara

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