It has been said, and I believe it to be true, that we are more addicted to our problems than to anything else in our lives.  People, by nature,  are absolute slaves to familiarity and comfort and certainty.  If our minds go unchecked and unquestioned, we will choose familiarity over possibility almost always, even when the familiar isn’t working for us.

The devil we know, and all that… 


Most of us usually have to hit a wall, or fall or loose or suffer pain and then, in an emotional response to our circumstance, we make change that is way too much, way too quickly.  When it works, it's amazing, I'm the first to stand in awe! But more often, it's short lived and frustratingly unsuccessful.

So we are here, imagining a slower, gentler way to transform out of our current ruts, using atomic changes – atom sized changes – and if you are willing, I know we will find success here.

Change can be easier, I believe that 2022 is going to prove this to both me and you, once and for all!

The first step is just to decide where to start - our inspirations page is full of ideas!

Akita Puppy