The Tiny, Inspiring Changes We've Made So Far!

Our greatest wins and our most teachable failures!

Sometimes the changes we make feel OFFENSIVELY small.  Don't let this deter you!  Celebrate the heck out of doing them.  Anytime we see something (in the forum) that someone is doing that others might want to try out, we are going to profile them here (we'll ask you first).  Each habit will also have a discussion going on about it in the forum!


Habit #1 - Writing

Success once, Fail twice.

I made a commitment to write on Sundays just after my run.  I did.  the first day.  I didn't the next week.  Because it was -24 so I didn't run.  And because of some other reason that was really significant. And then I didn't the next week because I didn't run until 11am and then my daughter begged me to play with her. So......

Change my habit?


Habit #2 - Mediate

Oh, Mother of God I'm Going to Try.

This is so lame.  It feels a bit awful.  It feels melodramatic.  And so last year, probably last decade, or more.  But I'm 45.  Im a mindset coach and Transformation Guide.  It's about time.  I'm starting with 2 minutes.  I'll keep you posted here.

Wish Me Luck.

White Chair in an Empty Room

What's next for you?

Your newest, tiny habit!

Share your ideas in the forum and we will select some of the most fun habits and profile them here to inspire your fellow members!  :)  


Habit #3 - Water

I will drink water.  I will drink water. I will...

I am going to drink a glass of water before I eat.  Appropriate size relationship - snack - small glass. Meal - big glass.  It's just water.  This can't be that hard.  Seriously.

No Excuses for this one

Glasses of Water

Habit #4 - Start the Day with Music 

The world is a tough place.  Music isn't.

The world these days (read, since humanity began) is a tough place to count on for good vibes first thing in the morning.  The news is particularly gory in content and images and words and not just the sudden war in Ukraine, but the world at large. SO to ensure I start my own tiny little energy bubble of space in the world with a positive sense of optimism I am adding music as a habit, before I open the news in any way.  One song. Any song. Before News.  The water habit is going great by the way, so this is going to be easy peasy.  ... Bam. Music Wins. Every time.

Can't Wait


Taking supplements

Vitamins.  Your body will definitely be at LEAST 1% better for this great habit. 

Thanks for Danielle for addressing this one.  Vitamins are a habit we all need.  And who wants to have to give it any more thought than ordering them by subscriptions from your favourite health provider? No one.  Find out what you need. Order them to come monthly.  Load your credit card.  And then you literally never need to think about it again.  Well, except actually taking them.  Which is worth the effort of turning into a seriously atomic habit to celebrate!!